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  Manufacturer                 Function                           Value Part Number Datasheet Main Spice   Package       Automotive          Conrad DigiKey Farnell
  Duracel Industrial Battery 9 Volt ID1604 ID1604 Data         3,99 incl.    10  24,27 ex
1N53XX ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 18 Volt 1N5355 1N5355 Data 1N5355BG Spice  017AA       0,459 ex
    Zener Diode 30 Volt 1N5363        017AA       0,483 ex
STPS41H100CT ST Schottky Diode   STPS41H100CT  STPS41H100CT Data STPS41H100CT   TO 220 STPS41H100C-Y     3,02 ex 
STTH2002DI ST Ultra Fast   STTH2002DI STTH2002DI Data             2,63 ex
UC3611 Texas Instruments Quad Schottky Diode  50 Volt
3 Ampere
UC3611 UC3611 Data UC3611 description   DIP 16       6,26 ex
Power Switch                        
  Texas Instruments Power Switch

100 Volt
100 Ampere
6,4 mOhm

CDS19531KCS CSD19531KCS Data CSD19531KCS Product Spice      ---   2,27 ex
  International Rectifier Power Switch 75 Volt
120 Ampere
2,8 mOhm
IRFB3077 IRFB3077PBF Data   Spice TO220AB  +++  3,22 incl   4,74 ex
  Maxim Intergrated Analog Switch ±20 Volt
0,2 Ampere
1,25 Ohm
MAX4690CPE MAX4690 Data  MAX4690 Main   DIP 16   17,06 incl   11,46 ex
555 Texas Instruments Timer   TLC555CP TLC555 Data TLC555 description Spice DIP 8 TLC555 Auto 0.39 incl   0,504 ex
  Fairchild Transistor 45 Volt 100 mAmpere BC547B BC547B Data           0,33 0,334 ex
  On Semiconductor Darlington 80 Volt 4 Ampere BD679AG BD679 Data         0,53 incl   0,842 ex
  Texas Instruments And Gate 4 X 2 Input AND SN74AHC08N SN74AHC08  Data SN74AHC08 description   DIP 14 SN74HC08-Q1 0,62 Euro   0,47 ex
  Texas Instruments D Flip Flop   SN74AHC74N SN74AHC74  Data SN74AHC74 description   DIP 14 SN74HC74-Q1 0,47 Euro   0,562 ex
  Texas Instruments Schmitt trigger Nand 4 X 2 Input NAND SN74AHC132N SN74AHC132 Data  SN74AHC132 description   DIP 14   0,42 Euro   0,47 ex
  Texas Instruments Decoder 1 of 8 Decoder SN74AHC138N SN74AHC138 Data SN74AHC138 description   DIP 16   0,69 Euro   0,63 ex
  Texas Instruments Flip Flop 8 X Data Flip Flop SN74AHC273 SN74AHC273 Data

SN74AHC273 description

  DIP 20 SN74HC273-Q1 0,31 Euro    
  Texas Instruments Comparator 8-BIT MAGNITUDE COMPARATORS SN74HC682N SN74HC682   Data SN74HC682 description   DIP 20   6,42 Euro   5,11 ex
Gate Driver                        
LM5109B Texas Instruments Gate Driver   LM5109B LM5109B Data LM5109B description   SOIC D 8 LM5109B-Q1      
  Maxim Gate Driver   MAX5048A MAX5048 Data MAX5048A Main Spice SOT/6        
  Maxim Gate Driver   MAX5054 MAX5054 Data MAX5054 Main Spice  8/TDFN-EP        
  Texas Instruments Gate Driver 13nsec UCC27524 UCC27524 Data UCC27524 Spice DIP 8 UCC27524A-Q1 2,51 incl   1,61 ex
OPA353 Texas Instruments Opamp   OPA353 OPA353 Data OPA353 description   SO-8        
OPA354 Texas Instruments Opamp   OPA354AIDBVTG4 OPA354 Data OPA354 description Spice SOT23-5 OPA354A-Q1 2,66 incl   2,25 ex
OPA820 Texas Instruments Opamp 240 Mhz OPA820IDBVRG4 OPA820 Data OPA820 description   SOT23-5   3,55 incl   3,38 ex
AD8429 Analog Devices Instrumental Amplifier   AD8429ARZ AD8429 Data AD8429 Products   SOIC 8   19,31 incl   7,26 ex
  Texas Instruments Comparator 4,5 nSec 80 MHz TLV3501AIDBVT TLV3501 Data TLV3501 Product   SOT 23-6   3,07 incl   2,11 ex
  Maxim Intergrated Analog Switch ±20Volt 1,25Ohm 130nSec MAX4690CPE MAX4690 Data  MAX4690 Main   DIP 16   17,06 incl   11,46 ex 
Opto Coupler                        
  Broadcom Opto Coupler 100MBd  15nSec HCPL-0900-000E HCPL-0900-000E Data           4,19  
Inductor                       0,236 ex
  fair-rite Inductive Coupling   2643000801 2643000801 Data Bead Main           0,236 ex
  Wuert Power Coil   7443550480               No Stock 
  Bourns Power Coil   5254-RC 5200-Series             2,60 ex 
  Bourns Toroid 220uHenry  5,8 Ampere 2316-V-RC 2300-Series             4,31 ex 
  Bourns Shunt Resistor 10mOhm


PWR4412-2S Data         2,31 incl.   3,09 ex
PWR221T-30 Bourns Shunt Resistor Imax 30 mOhm PWR221T-30-R030J PWR221T-30 Data     TO 220       4,51 ex 
    Shunt resistor 0,5 Ohm


      TO 220        4,21 ex
  Panasonic Load Resistor 470 Ohm  5 Watt ERG5SJ471 ERG5SJ471 Data ERG5SJ471 Product            2,71 ex
  Texas Instruments 5 Volt regulator 5 Volt 100 mAmpere LM78L05ACZ/NOPB LM78L05 LM78L05 Product   TO 92       0,58 ex 
  Texas Instruments 12 Volt Regulator 12 Volt 100 m Ampere LM78L12ACZ/NOPB LM78L12 Data LM78L12 Product   TO 92       0,508 ex
Heat Sink Fischer   0,175 C / Watt LA 6/150 12V LA 6 Data         92,23 ex    




Component: Discription Manufactor Conrad Farnell Mouser Sample  
ID1604 Battery 9Volt Duracell Professional ID1604 ID1604      
1N5355 Zener Diode ON Semiconductor   1N5355BG 1N5355BG    
2643000801 Bead Fair-Rite   2643000801      
5254-RC Power Coil Bourns   5254-RC      
555 Timer Texas Instruments TLC555CP TLC555CP TLC555CP    
7443550480 Power Coil Wuert 7443550480 7443550480      
7474 Flip Flop Texas Instruments SN74AHC74N SN74AHC74N SN74AHC74N    
74132 Nand Texas Instruments SN74AHC132N SN74AHC132N      
74682 Comparator Texas Instruments SN74HC682N  SN74HC682N      
IRFB3077 Power Switch International Rectifier IRFB3077PBF IRFB3077PBF IRFB3077PBF    
LM5109 Gate Driver Texas Instruments   LM5109BMA LM5109BMA    
MAX4690 Analog Switch Maxim MAX4690CPE MAX4690CPE MAX4690CPE    
MBR20100 Schottky Diode ON Semiconductor          
OPA354 Opamp Texas Instruments   OPA354AIDBVTG4  OPA354AIDBVT    
OPA820 Opamp Texas Instruments   OPA820IDBVRG4 OPA820IDBVR     
PWR221T-30 Shunt Resistor Bourns